CCTV – Commerical

CCTV pipeline inspection technology

Nu-Jet’s IBAK CCTV inspection system is a robust and versatile camera tractor for inspecting pipes from 100mm in diameter upwards to 1800mm. Our steerable camera tractor features an electronic stabilising function, known as anti-tilt compensation that ensures the camera tractor always stays in the pipe invert.

In combination with a lowering device, a bendable folding plug for the camera cable and camera receptacle makes handling easy and introduction into manholes and pipes straightforward. Our unique camera can produce a 360-degree view of the surveyed pipeline and covers a wide range of inspection requirements to provide evidence of incidents, such as water ingress and pipe defects.

Reporting technology

We accompany our CCTV inspections with the latest in reporting technology software (WinCan Version 8) to enable us to provide you with sophisticated reports of the pipeline status. Nu-Jet reports can also be customised to suit your needs.

WinCan Version 8 is used to log digital video, still images and text data in an extensive and searchable database. We use this software to provide you with footage of the surveyed pipeline and reports including photographs. Footage and photographs can be burnt to DVD so that you can view or print our findings at your leisure.

Post rehabilitation surveys can be arranged to provide evidence that repairs have been carried out effectively, including before and after footage and photographs.