Pipeline Maintenance & Rehabilitation

Through the use of industry leading equipment and proven procedures, Nu-Jet is able to assess, report and repair if needed pipelines/ducts/pits or any confined space that requires inspection or has restricted access.

Trenchless pipe lining and repair is an easy and cost effective way to repair a broken or damaged pipe, it requires no dig up and takes a fraction of the time compared to manually replacing a pipe segment or length.

Application & Uses

  • Sewer/Storm water
  • Pipeline Diameters from 100mm to 2400mm
  • Remote locations with limited access

With the ever changing requirements for pre and post surveys, routine inspections, and condition assessments. Nu Jet can offer a reliable and competitive package to suit your needs. All Nu-Jet employees have WSA national accreditation and all the necessary health and safety tickets and requirements.


Before – 100mm house junction, tree roots causing overflow


After – Removing the tree roots, a fiberglass patch now prevents their return

In Line Patch Repair

Fast becoming a popular alternative to digging. Patch repair is often a cost effective way to repair a damaged or root infested pipe, it is also extremely fast and requires no surface damage.

Inversion Main Lining

Predominantly used on main lines between 150mm and 600mm, the inversion method allows for large lengths (up to 200 meters) to be laid and connections to be robotically cut out.


Robotic Cutting

Robotic cutting is a unique piece of equipment that allows us to remove foreign or protruding objects remotely, without the need of excavation or extensive work.

Applications & Uses

  • Connection and junction cut outs
  • Intruding objects and O-rings
  • Preparation of broken pipe for liner
  • Foreign objects stuck in joints or connections

Manhole Relining & Rehabilitation

Nu-Jet currently holds the exclusive rights to ‘Spectra Shield’ a superior manhole lining system with a guaranteed 10-year installation warranty and 100 Year Design life.

Application & Uses

  • Eliminates Infiltration
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Restores surfaces
  • Trenchless Application